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tartini logo Philip McLeod

Philip McLeod
PhD Student

My research interests include sound analysis and music extraction. My research focus at the moment involves developing real-time note and harmonic envelope tracking techniques to aid musicians, both beginners learning to play and advanced musicans wanting to study exactly what is the sound they are creating. For example, why does one violin sound different from another. One of the major challenges is to develop robust systems that work in a noisy environment with a variety of instruments.
Checkout the latest version of Tartini - the real-time music analysis tool.

I also have an interest in computer graphics and participate in the computer graphics group here at the University of Otago.


playimages: A small program for playing a series of images as an animation.

Asteroids: A cool little game I made when I was at high school (Windows or DOS only). Although it has some trouble running on modern machines, at they are too fast, and I didn't know about timers back then; and now I've lost the source code.

Monkey Commandos: In this animated Prince-of-Persia-style platform game, two players work together to navigate through levels. This game was made during COSC360, a computer gaming paper at Otago Uni. I was lead programmer in our group of 4. It is pretty damn good for a 6 week game, writing the whole thing from scratch. Although completely playable, it was never fully completed. (Windows, 25 MB).